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We provide the unique Magento solutions including Private Sales Script and Smart Backup Script
for your online business. Check them out today!

Plumrocket Inc. is proud to offer the best Private Sales Package for Magento platform yet. The experts at Plumrocket Inc. have successfully developed dozens membership websites and our package is being used by numerous companies all over the world. To see our customers' feedback visit our testimonials page. Our clients' websites are available in our portfolio.

  • Private Sales & Members-Only Shopping Club
  • Exclusive Flash Sale Events
  • Invitations and Rewards Program
  • Shopping Cart Reservation
  • Floating Popup Login
  • Social Login & Registration

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We offer a special system designed for creating your server backups. No one can feel secured against the loss of data even if your website is hosted by leading web hosting companies. Our script will be useful for both small website owners and powerful Internet stores. The solution we offer allows creating Files and Database Backups and saving them either on the same server, remote FTP resource, or even on Google Cloud Storage. The Remote Server Backup system allows creating Backups while connecting to a remote server, creating a backup there and uploading it to another resource. There is also a possibility to specify a frequency of backups, exclude certain days of the week from backup and receive Email Reports.

  • Files and Database Backup
  • Google Cloud Storage Upload
  • Local Backup & FTP Upload
  • Remote Server Backup
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Email Reports & Log Files

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