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New Licensing System Launched!

February 12, 2015
New Licensing System Launched!

Good news! Today we are proud to announce about launch of new and improved Licensing System! Taking into account growing demand for our products, we've decided to listen to our customers requests and setup a well-crafted, easy and even more professional approach. We really hope this will simplify the usage of our products.

What's new?

  • From now on ALL our products are 100% Open Source. It's official!
  • No more"Single Domain License". From now on, One (1) License is valid for One (1) Magento installation, including multi store setups and test sites! Use our extensions on unlimited number of live domains within one Live Magento Installation. No restrictions!
  • Unlimited amount of testing subdomains can be added with one license. Add as many as you need!
  • No need to substitute trial licenses with permanent licenses after the trial period is over. From now on, customers receive permanent license from the date of purchase. This literally means no back-n-forth!
  • All subdomains of live domains (e.g. all * and subdomains of test subdomains (e.g. all * are allowed automatically. Top level domain names such as".local" and".dev" (e.g."live-domain.local" and"") are also allowed.
  • Usage of our products on localhost and IP: is allowed automatically.

This only means one thing - don't hesitate, try Plumrocket products today! Our friendly support is here to help you with any questions you might have:

Help Desk: Submit a ticket
Live Chat: Chat with us

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New Plumrocket Website Launch

New Website Launch

May 09, 2014

We are unbelievably happy to announce that Plumrocket Inc. offically launched a new website! It's been almost a year since we have started our Plumrocket Magento Extensions Store which opens horizons to our customers