Private Sales Script v2.0

Private Sales Script v2.0

Private Sales Script v2.0

Start a Membership website based on a Magento private sales extension featuring invitations and reward points, password access to site features, social media integration and flexible website management.

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Private sales & Flash sales

You can easily launch Private Sales, Sample Sales and Flash Sales campaigns using our script. This is the best way to create a high-end membership website!

Invitations and Rewards

Our script offers you even a more advanced version of Magento loyalty program. You can now quickly import your address book and get reward points for inviting friends.

Social eCommerce

You can start sharing your website's latest updates on all social networks due to the social media extensions that come with Private Sales Script v2.0 from

Cart Reservation

The script goes with a great Magento shopping cart extension. Your website customers will definitely enjoy our convenient cart timer allowing them to control their purchase process.

Plumrocket Specials

It's getting much easier to change your website design with our layout editor extension. The store management system will let you opt for both homepage and theme customization.

Magento Integration

Make wise investments! Private Sales Script v2.0 is Magento CE (Community Edition) compatible, thus giving you both a proven eCommerce platform and multifunctional extensions.

  • Features

    Members Only Shopping

    Private Sales Script v2.0 allows you to create an up-to-date membership website. The system provides the possibility to launch Flash sales, Private sales and Sample sales campaigns as well as Limited Time Offers. That's why no matter what target audience you aim at, you will be able to start a private shopping club attracting crowds of customers to its community.

    See this awesome features in action on demo store right now.

    Social eCommerce

    Live Feed, Inspiration Wall and Faves are Magento compatible social media extensions that have proved to be a functional tool for uniting your website community and boosting sales.

    The modules allow website customers to see what other members are buying, commenting on and socially sharing. Thanks to social media bookmarking, the users will get a real-time stream of the day's hottest items available at your online store.

    Clear Purchase Process

    Private Sales Script v2.0 provides a full range of services for you customers to enjoy the purchase process. The use of Magento estimated delivery date extension, product filters and cart reservation tool will let the website members control each step of their purchase process and significantly improve user experience. With our cart timer, customers will be able to keep an eye on the selected items to secure the picks.

    Marketing Tools

    The Plumrocket script comprises a great Magento loyalty program to engage more members and let your business thrive on. The system allows you to import address books, significantly saving your time and efforts. Another marketing tool we offer is our Data Feed Generator. This Magento feed extension will let you easily create custom data feeds for your products, categories, and orders thus increasing sales and traditional search engine rankings. And finally, you can make use of our latest Plumrocket Landing Pages extension. It is aimed at creating multiple landing registration pages for different marketing campaigns. It is an indispensable tool for those site owners who participate in affiliate marketing programs to grow their membership database.

    Flexible Store Management

    We did our best to let the website owner plan his website promotion strategy by controlling the website layout at every stage for any purpose. With our store management system you will be able to easily re-edit homepages and product pages including the option to set rotating background pictures and gender specific store homepages. Moreover, our layout editor also features the Launching Soon website mode and Preview mode, allowing you to see what the website will look like after definite changes have been made.

    Magento Integration

    Private Sales Script v2.0 is based on Magento Community Edition which means you will be able to avoid extra expenses. The script supports Magento CE 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7. Besides, the Script also supports Magento theming making your website exquisite and unique.

    To meet the demands of the growing smartphone and iPhone community we also made a mobile version of your membership website available.

  • Product Comparison

    Compared Products:

    My Shop
    Plumrocket Private
    Sales Script
    Boost My ShopMagento EnterprisePrivate Sales Script v2.0
    Included featuresBoost My ShopMagento EnterprisePrivate Sales Script v2.0
    PriceOne time fee $330Annual fees starting from: $15,550One-time fee
    Click to see price
    Plugin last update (year)201120152015
    Licensing (scalability)Per domainPer serverPer domain
    Private sales magento themesExcludeExcludeInclude
    Private sales sample dataExcludeIncludeInclude
    Events (Private sales, Sample sales, Flash Sales – limited time offers)IncludeIncludeInclude Notification
    Events Tree (Current, Upcoming and Ended Sales)ExcludeInclude NotificationInclude
    Restricted Catalog AccessInclude NotificationIncludeInclude Notification
    Powerful URL Manager with user groups and open links
    InvitationsInclude NotificationInclude NotificationInclude Notification
    Invitations with contacts import from Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo + 20 more
    Reward PointsExcludeIncludeInclude
    Category & product page countdown timerIncludeIncludeInclude
    Multiple home pages displaying different eventsExcludeExcludeInclude
    "Launching Soon" Store ModeExcludeExcludeInclude
    Enable / disable Splash Page & Home PageExcludeExcludeInclude
    Enable / disable user login & registrations ExcludeIncludeInclude
    Rotating background pictures on Splash PageExcludeExcludeInclude
    Gender Specific Home PagesExcludeExcludeInclude
    Home Page visual layout editor for eventsExcludeExcludeInclude
    Meta Information editor for Splash Page & Home Pages ExcludeExcludeInclude
    Integrated banner systemExcludeIncludeInclude
    Ability to preview upcoming sales in front-end by store adminExcludeExcludeInclude
    Stock quantity alert numberExcludeIncludeInclude
    Shopping Cart default shipping methodsExcludeExcludeInclude
    Custom currency formatExcludeExcludeInclude
    Plumrocket Estimated Delivery Date Extension
    Estimated delivery date
    Extra features
    Plumrocket Cart Reservation Extension
    Cart Timer & Stock Reservation allows customers to temporarily reserve products they have previously added to their cart.
    Plumrocket Popup Login Extension
    Magento Ajax Login extension designed to increase the number of registrations. Magento pop up window allows visitors to your magento store to peep a little at what you have to offer. Still, to see more visitors will have to get registered.
    Plumrocket Live Feed Extension
    Live Feed of customers' social activity. Displays all the most recent purchases and product"like's" in your store on one page. The extension proved to be an efficient tool for engaging more visitors on your site and boosting sales.
    Plumrocket Faves Extension
    The extension allows you to add"favorite" and social media buttons ("facebook like","tweeter","google plus","pinterest") on category and product page of your store. You can also track and record all clients' clicks in your magento backend.
    Plumrocket Size Chart Extension
    The Size Chart Magento Extension from Plumrocket is an easy-to-use magento size chart plugin that will add to your store usability and positive user experience. Magento Size Chart was designed to view magento product sizes in a convenient popup window using multiple methods - size tables, pictures and video presentations.
    Plumrocket Social Login Pro Extension
    Social Login Pro Magento Extension allows to quickly login or register on your store using social network or email account. It now supports more than 50 social networks thus allowing your customers to use a single Magento social login to access your site.
    Plumrocket Product Filter Extension
    With this Ajax product filter extension you will be able to sort products on category page without page refresh.
  • Plumrocket Extensions

    Private Sales Magento Extension

    Private Sales

    Private Sales Extension allows you to create an up-to-date membership website based on Magento CE platform. You will be able to launch private, sample and flash sales campaigns using a wide range of accompanying features.

    Cart Reservation Magento Extension

    Cart Reservation

    Cart Reservation includes Magento countdown timer and out of stock message to let your customers temporarily reserve items previously added to the cart.

    Loyalty Program Package

    Loyalty Program Package

    Loyalty Program Package is a superb combination of the two most popular Plumrocket extensions aimed at increasing customer loyalty.

    Magento Social Commerce Package

    Social Commerce Package

    Social Commerce Package from Plumrocket Inc is definitely the gem in the collection of the magento social shopping extensions we have to offer. It is a smart combination of Inspiration Wall, Live Feed and Faves magento extensions.

    Popup Login Magento Extension

    Popup Login

    Magento Ajax Login extension designed to increase the number of registrations. Magento pop up window allows visitors to your magento store to peep a little at what you have to offer. Still, to see more visitors will have to get registered.

    Landing Pages Magento Extension

    Landing Pages

    Create multiple landing registration pages for launching different marketing campaigns. Allows to configure the background image, layout, promotional message and affiliate tracking functionality.

    >Affiliate Pro Package

    Affiliate Pro Package

    Affiliate Pro Package is a unique combination of Affiliate Programs and Data Feed Generator magento extensions. This is a proven tool to boost sales by launching affiliate campaigns and creating custom magento product feeds.

    Product Filter Magento Extension

    Product Filter

    Product Filter Extension will let your visitors quickly find what they are looking for. This filter allows customers to sort products according to different criteria thus improving user experience.

    Estimated Delivery Date Magento Extension

    Estimated Delivery Date

    Estimated Delivery Date Extension will let users know when to expect for the product to arrive. The system provides several Estimated Delivery Date notifications that appear in different stages on product selection and purchase processes.

    Shop by Brand Magento Extension

    Shop by Brand

    Shop by Brand extension features the latest Magento search by manufacturer making it easy for customers to find the brand they have come to your site for.

    Social Login Pro Magento Extension

    Social Login Pro

    Social Login Pro Magento Extension allows to quickly login or register on your store using social network or email account.

    Ajax Cart Magento Extension

    Ajax Cart

    Magento ajax add to cart extension will make it possible for your customers to add products to a mini shopping cart without reloading the page every time a new item is chosen to be purchased.

    Size Chart Magento Extension

    Size Chart

    The Size Chart Magento Extension from Plumrocket is an easy-to-use magento size chart plugin that will add to your store usability and positive user experience.

    Private Sales Ocean Blue Magento Theme

    Private Sales Ocean Blue Theme

    Private Sales Ocean Blue Magento Theme comprises all of the latest top features available in today's most popular flash sale websites, such as, and

    Private Sales Fashion Red Magento Mobile Theme

    Private Sales Fashion Red Mobile Theme

    Private Sales Fashion Red Magento Mobile Theme is a great magento theme from Visitors to your online store will be able to enjoy its minimalist design and smart color palette.

  • Script VS Full Site Design

    Included Features:

    Script OnlyFull Site
    Magento EnterprisePrivate Sales Script v2.0
    Plumrocket Private Sales Magento ExtensionIncludeInclude
    Plumrocket Reward Points Magento ExtensionIncludeInclude
    Plumrocket Invitations Magento ExtensionIncludeInclude
    Plumrocket URL Manager Magento ExtensionIncludeInclude
    Plumrocket Special Settings Magento ExtensionIncludeInclude
    Plumrocket Estimated Delivery Date Magento ExtensionIncludeInclude
    Plumrocket Private Sales Theme (Fashion Red or Ocean Blue Magento Theme)IncludeInclude
    Plumrocket Private Sales Sample DataIncludeInclude
    One Free Script InstallationIncludeInclude
    Step by Step Installation InstructionsIncludeInclude
    Full Online DocumentationIncludeInclude
    Free Lifetime Magento Extension Updates*IncludeInclude
    Single Domain LicenseIncludeInclude
    Refund Policy15 Days Money Back GuaranteeCalculated according to the project progress**
    Custom Website Design (Photoshop Templates)ExcludeInclude
    Custom Magento Private Sales Theme DesignExcludeInclude
    Custom Transactional Email Templates (logo, colors and text)ExcludeInclude
    Custom Designed Mailchimp Newsletter Template & Mailchimp Template installationExcludeInclude
    Private Sale Website installation (script, database, first flash sale setup)ExcludeInclude
    Dedicated server installation (hosting control panel, webmail, database, nginx or apache webserver, magento optimization)ExcludeInclude
    Email Support (during development period)ExcludeInclude
    Phone Support (dedicated sales manager)ExcludeInclude
    Project Management System (direct communication with development team)ExcludeInclude
    EXTRA FEATURES (can be purchased separately)
    Monthly or on-demand maintenance and supportGet a Free Quote
    Other Plumrocket Extensions - Cart Reservation, Live Feed, Faves, Inspiration Wall, Data Feed Generator, Product Filter, Shop by Brand, Popup Login, Landing Pages, Auto Invoice
    Additional Magento extensions from other vendors can be installed (contact our sales department for pricing)
    Plumrocket® Smart Backup Script
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