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Tips to Make a Fast WebsiteMuch has already been told about the importance of smart navigation, appealing design and fresh content for a website to be a success.

But there is one more thing every website owner should keep in mind – your website should be fast enough not to make your visitors irritate watching the slowly loading page…

Below you will find several tips how to make a fast website. Read more


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The Benefits of Minimalist Web DesignBefore we start analyzing the features of minimalist design, let’s find out what the Theory of Minimalism is about.

The key feature of minimalism as an art trend is the creative presentation of essentials in order to impress the viewer. It can be based on a combination of elements like light, shadow, color, shape, space etc.

So, how does it work in web design? Read more



Unfortunately, great website design, smart navigation and fresh content fail to bring an internet-marketer what he needs – the website is great but the conversion rates are low. What can you do to solve this problem? Read this post to learn some simple tips that will help you boost your conversion rates.

The first this you should learn is ‘Don’t let the visitor to your website get distracted!Read more



Things to Remember when Working with InfographicsInfographics (information graphics) are now widely used in website design.

It is a great way to present information in a truly artistic manner. Besides, visualization is a universal language that can tell the whole story in just one image.

If you feel like using infographics in your website design, read this post to learn important rules of working with element of design. Read more


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Key Tips on How to Build Your PortfolioA good portfolio is important for both web design studios and freelancers.

Prospective clients check your portfolio first, then they decide whether to contact you or not. That’s why you should do your best to make your portfolio impressive and unforgettable.

Today we want to share the key tips on how to build a great portfolio. To cut it short, a good web design portfolio should show both your personality/your team spirit, and navigate a customer around your accomplished projects, making it clear what you offer and how you can be contacted with. Read more


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7 Secrets of a Good Website LayoutA good website layout is like a building plan. If you fail to cope with it, both you and your client will be dissatisfied.

Today, we would like to show you that a good layout presupposes good design, branding, readability, smart usability and, of course aesthetic appeal.

The elements of a website should not be scattered all over the page. They should be properly arranged to be both pleasant to look at and read.

So what are the secrets of a good website layout? Read more



Web Design Tips: Designing a Better Contact PageThere have been numerous posts devoted to website design, navigation and layout matters. But what about the contact page? Is it doomed to be a boring static page with no appeal to all the visitors to your website? Or, can it be improved if paid special attention to? Let’s find out whether it is possible to change this situation.

Actually, the contact page is one of the most important pages you can fill your website with. Without a contact page, customers are not able to request your services, nor can they ask you questions about the goods you have to offer. That’s why you should do your best to increase the effectiveness of your contact page. Read more



Choosing the Right Time to Redesign Your WebsiteEvery website owner loves his website. And it is not an exaggeration – you’ve spent so much time cherishing your creation, improving every single detail to make it look great and interesting. Depending on its purpose a website can be the source of income or a place to express your thoughts and share information. No wonder, it can be very difficult for to consider your website redesign. Any change will result in some consequence. Today, we are going to find out when it is high time to redesign a website…and whether the game is worth the candle. Read more



How to Deal with a Dissatisfied Client? Any web designer likes getting positive response to his work. Design requires creativity, hard work, persistence and efficiency. No wonder, the author of the project expects some recognition. But, picture the situation when you client is dissatisfied with the result – what would you do then?

Today we will share a few tips how to handle the problem.

The first thing you should do is … to calm down. Don’t panic; don’t get nervous no matter how hard it is. Getting a negative feedback is far from being pleasant, but you should always remember that when it comes to business, emotions should be left apart. So, cool down before you start acting. Read more


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Tips in Designing a Single Page WebsiteIf you have chosen to have a single page website to present your company, you have to be sure to follow some rules that will make your website both successful and effective.

With a single page only a website is, to some extent, limited, as well as the options a web designer can use. But, at the same time, developing a single page website is a challenging task since you will have to make unique designs, photos, good color combinations, etc. work for you.

Today, we would like to give you a few tips on how to design an effective single page website. Read more


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