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E-commerce Trends 2012E-commerce is a rapidly developing industry that is characterized by constant improvement.

Today we are going to talk about e-commerce trends in 2012. It seems that in nearest future online marketing will finally erase all borders and limits still existing between manufacturers and customers, brands and locations.

So, let’s find out what the face of e-commerce will be in 2012. Read more



The Most Creative Packaging Design for Your InspirationIt seems that packaging design has evolved into something more than just a box for products with a brand name on it. Today it is a new art trend. Designers’ imagination can only make you wonder what the source of their inspiration is. Simple and sophisticated, hi-tech and intentionally antiquated modern packages will never leave you indifferent.

This is Plumrocket’s choice of the most creative packaging design Read more



Comparison Shopping WebsitesRecently our company has launched a comparison shopping website. We decided to elaborate on this subject here to tell you more about such websites.

In general, comparison shopping websites are price engines which collect information about products, and about their features and prices.

Millions of consumers use online comparison shopping since it enables them to quickly obtain unbiased information about products and services. Some of these websites provide a ‘Ratings’ option, which makes it easy to evaluate goods, merchants and sellers before you add the product to your cart. Read more



The Best Social Sites for Internet MarketingWe believe that every commercial website owner would like to know the list of Top Social Sites to develop a successful e-commerce strategy. The choice of the right social sites to advertise your business can be a daunting task, but in the end it’s what determines the growth and website promotion.
Social media play the role of an online equivalent of traditional advertising. Previously, traditional tools used to promote business were advertisements, television commercials, radio adverts and billboards. Nowadays, these are superseded by tweets and articles, blog posts and press releases, viral marketing and video marketing. Read more



Vintage retro websites plumrocketWhat’s old is new again. The retro style is a huge trend right now. Nowadays, retro and vintage trends can be seen in a variety of stylish web sites. The retro elements in modern web design are subtle but clearly defined: the air of old times is felt in old-fashioned typography in a logo, a light pastel color scheme, and the use of vintage patterned frames around pictures.

Many designers draw inspiration from the glorious times saying ‘Retro is back; actually, it never left!’ We can only add that retro is an extremely powerful tool of design and it has always been in style! Read more


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Responsive Web DesignMobile web has set up new standards for web designers and developers. The new generation of web design is Responsive Web Design. It is supposed to be compatible with desktop computers and notebooks as well as smart devices like iPods, iPads, i-phones, tablets, net books, etc. Since more and more users use their smartphones to access the Internet website owners want their websites to be available from such devices too, in order to increase both reach and range.

What is the essence of responsive web design? Read more


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Iconic Animal LogosThere are dozens of logos easily recognizable all over the world. Who doesn’t know the famous Coca-Cola brand or minimalist Nike sign? Or do you happen to know a person who has no idea what a bitten Apple, or a huge yellow letter “M” against a red background mean?

These are iconic logos. Created in different times, both simple and sophisticated these logos have become the very essence of the companies and corporations they represent.

Today we’d like to have a look at different iconic logos inspired by nature. We will focus on various emblems that are based on images of animals. Read more


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